What Makes a Book Worth Reading?

When it is a question of what book to read, many authors are yet to unravel the mystery of what stirs the readers’ interests. For some, they are yet to understand what thrills the readers. Others are on their toes, trying to figure out why their competitors’ books are doing well, unlike theirs. Worry no more since below are some of the things you should feature in your book to make it worth reading.

A captivating plot

A plot is the epitome of the storyline. A poorly developed plot creates room for negative remarks and contempt. A good plot is the one derived from proper planning and cautiousness. Thus, it has to capture the reader’s attention on a glimpse. The plot dictates whether the reader will continue reading the book or whether it’s a waste of the users’ time. Through the plot, the reader has to get enthralled by wanting to know what happens next. It must thread in the readers feeling such that they can relate with the context.

Character developments

Great characterization establishes a certain picture on the readers’ mind about a certain character. As the story progresses, certain factors, either environmental or emotional factors, forces the characters to change. The reader must be able to see the transitioning and the dynamics that supervenes. By this, the reader gets compelled to discover more about the characters.


The embedded message must be informing. Most readers are on their hunt for knowledge. Thus, your method of dispensing the message must be enticing. The more the reader engages with the book is dependent on how relevant the content is. Hence the readers must be able to relate with the story ongoing and expand their intuitions.


Despite being well written, the book must also be unique. The author must explore different themes and genres to spice up their content. Even if the story had been featured somewhere else, the author must bring the text to live again. Rekindle the zeal of the story to attract new and more readers.

When determining whether it’s worth reading a book, it is never a matter of how well it’s written. Rather, it is about the user’s satisfaction. Thus, ensure whether the book you intend to read features the above insights to determine whether it suits you – see this article on the advantages of reading.

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